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Balancing Family Ministry

4 Healthy Defaults for Balancing Family and Ministry – Part 2

In a previous post I talked about the importance discovering a new vision for balancing family and ministry. Ultimately, trying to find balance often feels like a moving target, so it’s essential that our family has a clear God-given vision of what is needed for the long haul. While finding balance is a moving target […]

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Family Priorities

5 Priorities for Families in the New Year

I’m not one to make new years resolutions. Most of my previous new years resolutions have been made new years eve, or on new years day! If you are like me, I have not been good at keeping resolutions since there is no plan or follow through. So, rather than create a resolution that I […]

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Celebrating Marriage (and Ministry)

Monday was our 7th wedding anniversary for Lisa and I. Apparently the 7th year can be the most challenging year of marriage. With kids, financial pressures and ministry, I can see why so many couples struggle. It has not been plain sailing for us at times.  However, in the last year I feel Lisa and […]

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Marriage and Ministry – ABC Dates

Being in ministry does not always create an easy environment to keep romance alive and communication healthy. I speak to so many youth workers and their spouses who share some of the same struggles as Lisa and I: How to make time for each other and how to truly invest in our marriage in a […]

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