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Creating a Youth Ministry Volunteer Training Schedule That Works.

How often should volunteer youth leaders meet? What should be the focus of the meeting? How much is too much when it comes to meeting frequency? How can we build community as a team together? These are just a few questions I get asked quite regularly by youth workers. My first answer is always, “It […]

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Is There Someone You Are Forgetting To Thank In Youth Ministry?

Just this week I met with some brilliant youth workers who volunteer in my ministry. As we shared our highlights from the last month, one of my volunteers ‘Steve’ shared how one of our college age students sought him out in church to appreciate him for all he did for them in the high school […]

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4 Essential Phases of Small Groups In Youth Ministry

So often I talk to my volunteers about their struggles in leading their small group. At the beginning of the year many of them struggle to either get students to talk, or in some cases struggle to reign in their group. By the end of the year they are challenged with how ‘checked out’ students […]

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Book Giveaway: Everyone’s Called to Youth Ministry by Darren Sutton – 5 Copies = 5 Winners!

I’m super excited to giveaway 5 copies to 5 lucky winners of Darren Sutton’s latest book, Everyone’s Called To Youth Ministry – They Just Don’t Know It Yet! Here are three ways you how you can win a copy: 1) Comment to win by 9am EST, October 22nd. 2) Tweet the following and get entered twice: […]

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REPOST: Making Volunteer Meetings Worthwhile

A while back I wrote an article on how to have productive and effective volunteer meetings. It was one of the most popular posts we have written. Since it’s nearly the Fall and many of you are going to be pulling your volunteers together, I thought I would repost this for you. Here you go: […]

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Keys To Youth Ministry Longevity: Meet Rick South

Do you ever wonder what it takes to hang in for the long haul in youth ministry? Do you ever wonder what it takes to stay at the same church and have a fulfilling ministry? Today we begin a short series focused on youth ministry longevity and how to make a lasting impact in the […]

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Recruiting Volunteers: You Need A Job Description… So Do They!

You Need a Job Description….So Do They. Job descriptions.  Ugh.  That’s how I really feel about them.  They just seem like a waste of good trees and ink.  And they’re tedious.  Have you ever tried to write your own?  I was helping develop my own job description (along with descriptions for a few other staff […]

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Youth Ministry Leadership: Friend or Leader?

Students don’t need youth workers to be their friends, they need adults who will lead them to God and invest in their lives. Unfortunately, many of us have bought the lie that we need to be ‘friends’ with our students in order to have influence in their lives. Some of us have even allowed our […]

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How To Answer Teenagers Tough Questions

This week I announced a new book that I have written in collaboration with some brilliant minds in youth ministry. Answers To Teenagers’ 50 Toughest Questions is a rapid fire response manual for youth workers who are in need of solid biblical answer to present students. When I began the project, I surveyed hundreds of […]

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Protecting Volunteer Leaders from Burnout

Volunteers are perhaps the most valuable people in youth ministry! Great volunteers who hang in for long haul will make a lasting and impacting difference in the lives of students. Sadly, the most common reason that I have seen volunteers cease to work with students is not their lack of passion and calling –  it […]

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