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Team Up! Partner with Parents with a Web of Support

For years, there’s been a tendency for us to focus solely on church programs and miss helping parents succeed at home. While many of us have heard of the importance of partnering with parents, there’s not always been a clear and practical picture of how to do it. That’s why I wrote Team Up! The Family Ministry Playbook […]

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What Amazon Can Teach Church Leaders About Volunteers…

A while back I saw an interesting article in USA Today about Amazon and how they are paying their employees up to $5000 to leave if they are not completely ‘sold out’ on their position at Amazon. Why would they do that, and what can church leadership learn from them? Why? According to the leadership […]

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9 Signs You’re Burning Out In Youth Ministry

In my previous post I talked about the need to understand what we are called to, rather than what we are pulled to in youth ministry. Having a strong faith foundation and knowing what God is calling us to, will help us avoid saying “yes” to everything, and doing everything in our own strength… Recently […]

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Youth Ministry Management: How to Keep Great Volunteers – Part 2

In my previous post I provided five ways to keep great volunteers in my youth ministries over the years. Having a great team of volunteer youth leaders is essential to the health of any youth ministry. There are no more ‘lone rangers’ in youth ministry and it’s important that we maintain a ‘wide bandwidth’ of […]

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Youth Ministry Management: How to Keep Great Volunteers – Part 1

In my previous post, I talked about how I recruit volunteers. Having a well established volunteer team that is trusted by students is an incredible strength for any youth ministry. But this will only happen when we are able to keep volunteers coming back year after year. But how can this happen? What are the keys […]

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Youth Ministry Management: Recruiting Volunteers

There are ‘lone rangers’ in youth ministry. Your youth ministry will be effective if you have a great volunteer team. “How do I recruit good volunteers?” This is something I get asked about a lot. Today, let’s take a look at how I have successfully recruited volunteers, while also dispelling ways that I do not […]

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Why Volunteer Youth Workers Need Greater Investment From The Local Church

In my opinion, volunteer youth workers are worth their weight in gold! However, so often the church places too much emphasis on the paid staff and not nearly enough in investing in it’s volunteer youth workers. Here are four reasons why I think the local church needs to invest greater time and resources in volunteer […]

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99 Thoughts for Volunteers: Interview with Danette Matty – [VIDEO POST]

Last week I was able to catch up with friend and youth ministry veteran Danette Matty! She shares great insights to her new book, 99 Thoughts For Volunteers: Making an Impact Where You Are. 

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Relational Investment – The Difference Maker In Youth Ministry Volunteer Development…

How do you know if your volunteers ‘get it’? How do you know if your meetings and training are effective? What should training look like? With limited time, how can you make the most of volunteers busy schedules? If I am honest, there is an insecurity in me that tells me I am not doing […]

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Creating a Youth Ministry Volunteer Meeting Outline That Works.

So, what makes a volunteer meeting effective? What do we need to cover? How can we create a youth ministry meeting for volunteers that will help them feel like their time their time has been well spent? Most of all, how can we use a meeting to equip volunteers to grow in their skills as […]

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