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A Good Reason to Cancel Sunday School In Your Youth Ministry?

Is it possible that canceling ‘Sunday School’ for your youth ministry once a month can actually help your students develop a stronger faith and connection with your church? Well, apparently this is true. According to a gigantic study by Fuller Youth Institute, two of the greatest indicators for a life-long faith after high school include: 1) Being […]

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Mission Trip Fundraisers – Are Car Washes A Bad Idea?

Just this week my good mate Brit, (I like his name), wrote a post concerning the disparity of car washes collecting money compared to the homeless not being allowed to collect money on the streets. It’s a great post, you can read it here. Well, here’s the deal, Brit’s post really got me thinking about […]

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Helping Students Navigate Through Tragedy

T.J. was one of those kids every parent prayed for. At 16 years old, he was strong in his faith, passionate about the mission field, full of joy, and a real practical joker. T.J. was a student who had been at our church for years and was loved by many! This past September, while on […]

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Transitioning in Youth Ministry: In Transit – Tim Ciccone

[vsw id=”13863698″ source=”vimeo” width=”570″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]   A few weeks back, I posted a book review about In Transit – A Youth Workers Guide to Navigating a New Beginning, by Tim Ciccone. This week I came across a video interview of Tim explaining the book a little more. If you are considering making a transition, […]

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Love Wins? Teaching Students How to Deal with Conflict?

If you are on twitter regularly and follow some of the well known theologians and church leaders, you would not have been able to escape the major trending topic from last weekend. For now, I don’t even want to mention names, only to say that a certain pastor, writer and speaker,  was the number trending […]

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Last week I talked about “Listening” as being a key to healthy and successful ministry. This week I want to looked at an area of youth ministry which should be a given, but I often feel is greatly overlooked: Ownership… Ever hear leaders say, “Sometimes it is easier to do it yourself”? In student ministry, […]

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Easter brings many new beginnings…

          I love how Easter  reminds me of the great love and sacrifice of our Heavenly Father displays through giving us Jesus. I am always humbled when I consider how much has been done for me and  the great cost that was involved. Easter is about a great gift to us […]

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‘Simple Church’ Book Review

This book is a MUST read for lead pastors and every youth worker. The principles, research, and conclusions in this book have the ability to transform a cluttered and visionless ministry. Practical application of the simple church principles could move our ministries from a trajectory of burnout and help us hit the target of transformation […]

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How to Build a Youth Ministry Fan Base

Once any of us have been in a church for more than a year it becomes very apparent that the honeymoon is well and truly over. People are starting to discover that we have faults and failings. We’ve already stained the new carpet with paintball. Or we might have shown a video clip in church […]

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Building a Good Foundation

My church began just over 5 years ago with 30 people in a backyard of my pastors house. Since then we have met at 4 different locations (one house and 3 schools), as we have seen good growth occur. The student ministry program too has met in 3 different locations (houses and rented facilities), and […]

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