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5 Reasons I Love See You At The Pole!

This morning was See You at the Pole at schools all around the America. For those of you outside of the U.S, here’s what it is: A yearly event where hundreds of thousands of students around the nation meet at their  school flagpoles to pray. Here’s what I love about it: 1) When Students Pray […]

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LIVE Leadership Curriculum Winner Announced!

Thanks to everyone who entered to win the LIVE Leadership Curriculum. If you missed out, you can still contact Matty McCage from the info below, or click on the banner and fill out your contact info.  For now, here is the lucky winner: Alex Hensley from River Valley Church, in Bossier City, LA. (Alex, you will […]

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E-book Review: The Student Mission Trip Greenhouse

Leadertreks is a student leadership development ministry using trips, innovative training, and curriculum to help students identify and develop their personal leadership skills. In addition, I am amazed at how many freebies they give away to anyone who asks! What’s more, I am astounded by the quality of there latest freebie and wonder, “why don’t they […]

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A Long-Term View of Student Ministry

A number of months ago one of our students was tragically killed in a car accident on his way to church with friends. This young man had a strong faith and had a passion for serving and missions trips. His funeral was obviously a very gut wrenching occassion, but in many ways a time to […]

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Midweek Series “Slice of Life”

SLICE OF LIFE: This Week we kick off a new video series called, “Slice of Life” where we interview students from our ministry. This series has been created for a number of good reasons: CREATED BY STUDENTS: Students themselves came up with the idea to have a series focused on their “slice of life” and […]

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Last week I talked about “Listening” as being a key to healthy and successful ministry. This week I want to looked at an area of youth ministry which should be a given, but I often feel is greatly overlooked: Ownership… Ever hear leaders say, “Sometimes it is easier to do it yourself”? In student ministry, […]

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