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15 Ways To Partner With Parents In Your Youth Ministry: The First 5…

Partnering with parents in youth ministry is absolutely essential. When I speak to youth workers, usually we agree that partnering with the family is far more effective than living in a silo youth ministry that only focuses on the students. But the problems is this: While most of us agree that partnering with parents is […]

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Inside The Teenage Brain Webinar With Mark Oestreicher

Our friends at are putting together another brilliant webinar! Let Mark Oestreicher take you “Inside the Teenage Brain” on February 26 at 2pm (central) FREE WEBINAR- (register here)

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Ministering to Parents Webinar with Dr. Jim Burns

Last weekend I attended a ‘Confident Parenting Seminar’ with Dr. Jim Burns here locally in Michigan. I have known Jim for 12 years and I know him to be a brilliant guy, great communicator, incredibly knowledgable, and wonderfully authentic. I am super excited to tell you about an upcoming webinar provided when Jim will […]

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Websites To Recommend Parents of Teenagers In Your Youth Ministry

Yesterday a ministry friend asked me what websites I recommend to parents of teenagers in my youth ministry. Initially, a couple came to mind, but I only had a few… After asking a few more friends in ministry and sleeping on it, I realized there are some really good websites that you and I can […]

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4 Easy Steps To Improve Partnering With Parents In Your Youth Ministry

In her previous post, Leneita shared her story of how she changed her view of parents once she became one and had teens of her own. Partnering with parents is imperative and seeing parents through a new lens is essential. Today I want to share 4 easy steps to improve partnering with parents. But first, […]

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When Sports Compete With Youth Ministry: Revisited

Last night at our midweek environment we had two factors working against us. First, we have had our first two days of warm weather as we heated up to the 70’s here in Michigan, (the average high is 43). The second was the beginning of Spring sports and countless try-outs that took students away from […]

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Announcing Another New Contributor: Darren Sutton

The vision behind is to provide youth workers with skills, tips, and encouragement from in the trenches veterans. Today I am excited to announce that Darren Sutton will be another voice adding to the youth ministry conversations on this blog. This week he and Leneita Fix will be sharing the advice for newly wed […]

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Essential Priorities For Parent Leaders

Great parent leaders can make the difference! Without them, students would not be supported and encouraged in their faith in quite the same way. Parents have a brilliant perspective and understand more clearly what is at stake for our students. On the other hand, poor parent leaders can be a nightmare! But I’ve found that […]

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GUEST POST: Parent Meetings for Unchurched Parents?

In her previous post, Leneita Fix talked about the importance of having the right focus and attitude toward unchurched parents. Ultimately, we should see them as Jesus see them, but we don’t always do that do we? Today, Leneita shares practical steps to get unchurched parents to show up to parent meetings, as well as crucial […]

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GUEST POST: Partnering With Unchurched Parents – Leneita Fix

I still remember the day the Lord put it on my heart.   Totally my attitude had become to believe that the parents who were “churched” could be held to a higher expectation than the “unchurched.”  I mean most of these “heathen” adults were broken individuals who didn’t even have a relationship with Christ.  How could […]

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