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Winston Churchill

How to Lead and Leverage the Opportunities in Difficult Times

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” ― Winston Churchill No one has ever said that leading people would be easy. Leading all kinds of people to a compelling vision and direction can become messy and challenging at times. Whether it is conflict, misunderstandings, disappointments, or failures, […]

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wildfire leadership

How Avoiding Difficult People is Negatively Impacting Your Leadership

Every time we put off action, the action we will be forced to take will be ultimately greater” This is a quote I saw by former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair recently. While he was referring to a situation in the Middle East, he outlines a great leadership principle for all leaders to consider. Here […]

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amazon volunteer church

What Amazon Can Teach Church Leaders About Volunteers…

A while back I saw an interesting article in USA Today about Amazon and how they are paying their employees up to $5000 to leave if they are not completely ‘sold out’ on their position at Amazon. Why would they do that, and what can church leadership learn from them? Why? According to the leadership […]

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Leadership Strength Weakness

Leadership Realities: Can Your Weakness Actually Become a Strength?

One the greatest challenges I have faced as a leader is being uneasy with admitting weakness to my followers. There’s just something about admitting a weakness that seems to go against the laws of leadership. But, is that really true? You see, I am experiencing more and more that the inability to admit weakness is […]

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Ministry Leadership Roadblock

Are You Overlooking Your Biggest Leadership Roadblock?

Last week I had the privilege to spend an evening with a class of college students studying for their youth ministry class. They were an incredibly sharp group and had some brilliant questions for me. Perhaps one of the most challenging but important questions asked of me was: “What have been the biggest roadblocks in […]

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leadership refinement

Leadership Refinement: A Necessary and Painful Path of a Leader

Being in a position of leadership in the local church has been incredible for me! As I look back, I am amazed at how much I have learned and how much I have yet to learn about ministry and leadership. Although I use the word “incredible” to describe my journey so far, it’s important to […]

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Time for Kids

The Influence of Time On A Child’s Life

I saw this video last night that caught my attention… It’s already gone viral with many TV networks and has become a talking point for many in the news. Perhaps it’s because a for once a Police car dash cam is capturing a positive moment rather than some destructive or violent scene? Maybe it’s because […]

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leadership fail

5 Steps to Successfully Deal with Failure

A greater measure of success can be seen in how we respond positively to failure when it comes our way… Failure stinks! Whether you are leading a large team of people, or leading your kids, or volunteering, the feeling of failure does not sit well with any leader. If you are like me, it is […]

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Leadership Journey

How to Lead Others – Even When They Don’t Always Agree With You

One of the greatest accomplishments of a leader is to see his or her followers capture a vision  and work as a team to see that vision become a reality. There will be times however, when followers don’t agree with every decision and direction a leader is taking. So, the question is, how can we lead others, even […]

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Snapchat Ministry Students

Ministering to Teenagers in a Snapchat World

A few months ago, I wrote an article for The Leadership Journal about how to effectively minister to students in a culture that is increasingly overly sexualized. Whether you are a parent or someone who works with students, I hope this article will help you as you invest in students lives: If you work with […]

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