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Six Reflections From My Trip Back To England

Yesterday, I returned from a twelve day trip back to England to visit my family and friends. We took the whole family to see my mom who is failing in health with stage 5 Alzheimer’s. (Maybe I will blog about this trip another time…) To be honest, I did not think too much about ministry […]

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British Animals Are The BEST!

Saw this video posted over at Since I am British, I love seeing stuff like this. I know it has nothing to do with youth ministry, but I just loved watching it! I hope you do too!

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What Susan Boyle Can Teach us about Youth Ministry…

A few weeks ago, this lady from my home country was all over the media with her performance on ‘Britains Got Talent’. Today, once again I was watching this show on and got to see her make it to the final of this competition.  The premise behind the show is similar to American Idol, […]

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British Connection at the Inauguration Ceremony?

My lovely wife thought that because I am British, I would not be interested in the Inauguration ceremony. However, I was very intrigued when I heard Aretha Franklin singing ‘My Country Tis of Thee’ to the tune of the British National Anthem. Anyone know the roots of how that came to be?

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