September 23, 2016 PhilBell

D6: Family First – It Starts with You!

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This week I have been hanging out with some great people at the D6 Conference in Louisville, KY. It’s an incredible event and is packed full of great general sessions, workshops, and an brilliant community of people. It’s been great to be here.

One of the breakouts I led was titled Family First – It Starts with You! As someone who leads a family ministry team, I know how easy it is to allow ministry to consume and dictate my own family life.

Over the years, sadly I have watched many good friends in ministry burn out or make poor choices. None of them set out with that plan, but over time, unhealthy patterns dictated their paths… A number of years ago I came to a crunch point in my life where I recognized things needed to change. Thankfully by God’s grace and through some incredible mentors in my life, I am learning and applying what I shared in the workshop here at D6.

To get a copy of the outline, please contact Phil Bell by clicking here.

If you were at D6, I hope you had an incredible conference! I did!

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