4 Healthy Defaults for Balancing Family and Ministry – Part 1

Balancing Family MinistryIn my previous post I talked about the importance of allowing a God-given vision for family and ministry. After, trying to balance family and ministry is a moving target for most of us. Just when you think you have it figured out, it changes! While trying to find balance seems like an impossible task, it should not mean that you and I shouldn’t seek out healthy defaults for our family.

In this post, and the following three, I want to take you on a journey with me. It’s a journey that my family has been on as we have looked to implement God’s vision for family and ministry.


While this list is not the last word on healthy defaults, I consider it a good beginning. Please do not see it as a legalistic list of obligations. Rather, see it as the start of a road map on a journey to greater health and balance for you and your family.

Healthy Default #1

Spiritual: How is your relationship with God taking a greater priority over what you do for God?

  1. Sabbath – Do you take a full day off from ministry? If not, why not? Once a friend said, “Does God need you so badly to build His Kingdom that He wants you to put aside His own relationship with you?” It hurt, but he had a point…
  2. Quiet Times – Are you able to reflect and listen to what God is calling you to do? When can you schedule a time of quiet? There’s a vast difference between rushing with God and resting in Him.
  3. Bible Study – Rather than studying God’s Word for another lesson plan, seek out a study or devotion to rediscover the wonder and awe God has for you. When is the best time to get away and read? What is your reading plan?
  4. Small Group – Are you able to grow in community? We often tell people the importance of being in a small group, yet it’s a challenge for us to make the commitment. What can you say “no” to in ministry that will allow you to say “yes” to being in a small group?

Confession Time: Before you think that our family is the model family in ministry, please know that we are far from it! It’s easy to read posts like this one and play the comparison game. Please don’t! The truth is, this recent season of moving and relocating has meant that some of these healthy defaults have taken a back seat. Therefore, would you consider joining my family and myself as we rediscover our vision and healthy defaults for family and ministry?

Next Post: We will take a look at Healthy Default #2!

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