Leading By Example… When Our Words Are Not Enough


It’s natural for followers to begin to take on the personality, habits, theology, and core values of the leader. Just walk into any organization and you can quickly see what the leadership stands for by seeing the employees at work. If you were to walk into a church, what would the people and culture tell you about their leader(s)?

If you are the example, what are your followers following?

If you are like me, it’s a challenging question to ask since it requires me to be gut wrenchingly honest. It scares me to ask this question since it means I might have to look to make changes in what I say and do on a regular basis.

It concerns me to think that what I stand for is not being communicated to the leaders I oversee. However, as hard as it is to ask this question, it is this question that can become a doorway to health…

You see, we can’t get away from the fact that our followers will likely take on the DNA of what we communicate and stand for. Therefore, for the sake of the people we are leading, it is imperative that we look long and hard in the mirror at who we are and what our leadership communicates. When we see areas of weakness or lack of clarity, it is important that we embrace the reality and invite God to change us. But most importantly, above all else, are we reflecting Christ to our followers?

So the question I ask again is this:

If you are the example, what are your followers following?

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