Is it Time to Change Things for the Sake of Your Kids?

This week I read an astonishing article about a prominent businessman, (Mohamed El-Erian, pictured below), who quit his career after his 10 year old daughter gave him a list of 22 milestones that he had missed as a result of his demanding investment career.


As I read the article I was sad to hear that it took a little girl to spell out to her dad just how much he had missed. On the other hand, I was impressed that this man had put his daughter first and made some crucial decisions.

As I read further, I started to compare myself to this man and wonder how my list would line up against his list. While I had not yet missed some of the milestones he had, I started to consider that there are many times when my kids miss me because I am not fully present even when I am at home…

Our kids miss us when we are not fully present at home… 

In a world where we can be connected to technology every minute of the day, it’s easy to interrupt crucial family times, dinners, and milestones. While it’s easy to compare myself to a businessman who has missed so many milestones, it’s important to examine my own habits and hang ups as a parent. I have to admit, switching off when I am home is something I am working on every day.

What needs to change for the sake of your kids? If you are married, what does your spouse need more of from you? How is your career impacting your family? What boundaries need to be created in your home to ensure that your kids get the best of you?

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photo credit: World Economic Forum via photopin cc

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