Train Your Volunteers Without Adding Another Meeting

Stop WatchI am a contributor at The LeaderTreks Blog. This week they posted an article titled, Train Your Volunteers Without Adding Another Meeting. Essentially this article is aimed at youth workers, but the principles can be used for anyone in youth, children’s or family ministry. Here it is:

Effective training is better when it is simple, memorable, and practical.

Volunteers only have a few hours a week with each student, so we must teach them to use their limited time wisely. The last thing they need is another meeting. They already have too many plates spinning as it is. It’s better to give volunteers small bites to chew on. Over time, these small steps will add up to significant impact. Your volunteers’ time is valuable. Help them make it count. Here are three short periods of time volunteers should consider:

To read the rest of the article, check it out over at LeaderTreks: (Click here) 

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