Leadership Realities: Can Your Weakness Actually Become a Strength?

One the greatest challenges I have faced as a leader is being uneasy with admitting weakness to my followers. There’s just something about admitting a weakness that seems to go against the laws of leadership. But, is that really true?

Leadership Strength Weakness

You see, I am experiencing more and more that the inability to admit weakness is in fact one of the greatest weaknesses a leader can have. Or to say it another way:

One of the greatest strengths of a leader is the ability to recognize a weakness and ask for help. 

The Benefits of Facing Our Weaknesses

  • When leaders are able to be gut honest about their weaknesses they can delegate to those who have skills in the area of weakness.
  • Leaders are able to spend more time focused on their strengths and will bring greater productivity to an organization.
  • Followers are involved in greater ways to accomplish the overall goals and purposes.
  • Followers continue to follow a leader who is transparent and authentic. The leader who ‘fakes it’ will produce fake followers and lose the authentic ones over time.
  • The quicker a leader faces the reality of their weaknesses, the quicker they can learn to adapt.
  • Leaders will inspire upcoming leaders who are need to see that “no leader is perfect.”

A Word of Caution…

While it is helpful for a leader to face and admit their weaknesses, it’s essential that they limit how much and how often they unload on their followers. The leader who constantly admits and focuses on flaws will detract from the purpose and mission of an organization.

How are you facing your weaknesses? Who has God placed in your organization to help you in an area of weakness? How are you helping or hurting your mission and purpose by faking it? 

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