Creating a Family Rhythm in the Polar Vortex

Snow Day Polar VortexFor our family here in Michigan, this is the 6th day school has been canceled due to snow or extreme cold temperatures, (also known as the Polar Vortex). I know friends in Minnesota who have much colder temperatures, but this morning they are predicting wind-chills of -35f! I came from the UK in 2000 and I have never experienced a Michigan winter like this…

With all that said, my family and our family schedule feels a little discombobulated from the many school cancelations. But, let’s face it, whether it’s snow days, sickness, or one of life’s curve balls, every family will go through times when it’s hard to find a rhythm.

Without a good family rhythm, it’s easy to miss essential and healthy defaults for your family.

Reset and Force Quit: Last night, Lisa and I sat down with our calendars and forced a reset on our family schedule and forced quit on some non-essentials. Some of these included:

  • Looking at my ministry schedule between now and July.
  • ‘Cash and Calendar’ biweekly meeting scheduled. (Where we look at calendars and pay bills! Exciting, I know).
  • Family Nights scheduled
  • Date Nights scheduled
  • Family Meeting scheduled
  • Reestablishing family ‘house rules’ (for us and our kids)
  • Creating a simple plan for spiritual development in our kids lives
  • Scheduling time off as a family

There’s More: While there are some other defaults to be added to this list (like working out when it gets warmer), this is our start as a family. The key for our family is to set time aside to be able to check-in and make sure that we are keeping our eyes on our vision for our family. With the event of the Polar Vortex, snow days, and sickness, our vision has become blurred. It’s imperative that we come back to what we know will help us be healthy as a family…

What would add to this list? What areas on this list would you add to your list? When are you going to take time to reset and find a healthy family rhythm?

Phil <><

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