The Influence of Time On A Child’s Life

I saw this video last night that caught my attention…

It’s already gone viral with many TV networks and has become a talking point for many in the news. Perhaps it’s because a for once a Police car dash cam is capturing a positive moment rather than some destructive or violent scene? Maybe it’s because a police officer is extending an act of kindness and not arresting a criminal?

What captured my heart about this video is to consider the potential of this police officers actions…  His simple act of kindness has the potential to help a disconnected teenager find hope and connection with an adult who cares enough to give the most valuable commodity: TIME.

As someone who works with families, the most valuable thing a parent or adult can provide for a child is TIME.

In a world that consumes us with busyness and achievement, TIME has become a rare quantity.

But it is this valuable commodity that our kids need from us the most… (I say this as someone who constantly adjusts and reevaluates my schedule constantly, in order to make my kids a priority).

TIME communicates love…

TIME opens up conversations…

TIME builds faith

TIME brings understanding…

TIME builds trust…

TIME brings healing…

The greatest gift we can give a child in our world today is TIME. It has become our most valuable commodity. Use it wisely.

Phil <><

Time for Kids

photo credit: kissro via photopin cc

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