5 Priorities for Families in the New Year

Family PrioritiesI’m not one to make new years resolutions. Most of my previous new years resolutions have been made new years eve, or on new years day!

If you are like me, I have not been good at keeping resolutions since there is no plan or follow through.

So, rather than create a resolution that I am likely not to keep, I would rather create some evolving priorities that are easy to remember and return to throughout the year.

Here are 5 easy to remember (and crucial) priorities that we can plan and implement this new year:

1) FAITH: The foundation for a healthy family is for everyone to be building a foundation of faith based on God’s priorities. While this is easily said, so often the busyness of life takes over and a healthy devotional life and God centered priorities get edged out. The new year is a great time to start a new bible reading plan, or a devotional study. For me personally, it’s more about creating a new place and space in my life for my quiet times. Having moved houses in the last month, it’s imperative that I establish a new habit and find a new place (and time), where I can ‘hide’ away.

When is your best time to focus on your faith walk? Where can you hide away? What will you read / study this year?

2) FAMILY TIME: If your family schedule is anything like ours, it can often feel like we are barely treading water at times. So often family time, date nights, and meals together get added in AFTER everything else. I am convinced that every family will benefit by quality AND quantity time together. So often I hear people try to convince me that quality time is enough. I am still not convinced.

Healthy families need QUALITY AND QUANTITY time together.

3) FITNESS: Personally, this has been an area of struggle for me that I have had to work on over the past few years. However, it seems like every year for the past three years, I have added in some new habits and lost some bad habits. Staying in shape is challenging, but the mental and physical rewards are worth it. As a husband, father, and pastor, I have seen a positive correlation in my leadership when I am staying in shape. My energy levels are higher, my awareness is greater, and I am able to get up earlier in the morning to focus on my quiet times.

All it takes is one step at a time to make fitness a priority. Start with some small steps and work your way towards a healthier you.

4) FINANCES: A healthy financial focus is a significant key to families being content. It’s not even so much about having more money, it’s about doing better with what God has given us. When we can see that God is the provider of all our needs, (and our resources are not our own), we can take a huge step to financial contentment. When we develop God’s heart for for finances we can be sure He will bless us as we give generously and spend wisely. What is God calling you to do with your finances this year?

5) FUN: While this priority might not seem to deserve to make this list, let me explain why it should. In our increasingly busy world that is incensed with success and notoriety, I am seeing many husbands and wives losing the joy of marriage and parenthood. Busyness is creating a society of stressed out parents and kids who have lost the wonder and awe that life is waiting to provide. This year, as a family, I encourage you to create some experiences that allow you to regularly laugh and play together. What could your family look like if you were to laugh and play together more?

Well, there’s 5 priorities I am taking seriously this year. What stands out to you? What has worked for you in the past?

Phil <><

photo credit: Pete Reed via photopin cc

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