When Is It Time To Leave Your Youth Ministry?

If you regularly read this blog you know I have taken a one month break from blogging as I transitioned out of my previous youth ministry position and into a new position as family life pastor. During this time it’s been important for me to transition well and ensure that my new ministry (and my family of course), has been my main focus. In the next few weeks, there will be more posts…

Exit Youth Ministry

Since transitioning, (and before), I have often been asked this question, or seen it posted on youth ministry forums:

“When is it time to leave my youth ministry.”

I’ll be honest, this is not an easy question for someone else to answer. Ultimately, God is the one who leads and directs, and we should be asking Him this question.

It’s also imperative that each of us seek Him to discern the difference between an opportunity to grow compared to an opportunity to go…

While it is God who directs, here are five questions I have prayed through in my time in youth ministry: Read more

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