Evangelism: Is Your Youth Ministry Marginally Missional?

It’s possible you have seen the video above? Whether or not you have seen it before, I would encourage you watch it and then use it as a lens to look through as you survey your youth ministry.

For me, my huge takeaway is this: I often put an huge amount of my time into the creation of programs and events, while only putting a small amount of time into teaching my students how to share their faith. If we stand back and really think about it, we have a huge number of potential student ‘missionaries’ in our youth ministries.

And here’s the hard reality for us:

While you and are stuck in our church offices, Starbucks, or our youth rooms, it’s imperative to realize our students are in the mission field of their schools and communities. How are they equipped to reach their friends?

These student missionaries are the ones who get to follow up and encourage new Christians once they have accepted Christ.

What could our ministries look like if we were to place as much focus, time, energy, and resources, into empowering and equipping our students to share their faith, as we do creating programs and events? It’s not that programs and events are bad, but without a good balance of equipping the saints for evangelism, there is a problem.

For me, I am concluding that doing a 3-4 week series on evangelism once a year is simply not enough… Now, there’s a lot more that I do than that, but you get the point…

What are you doing to invest in students to be missional? What is working for you?

What ideas and opinions can you share?

What resources have you used in equipping your students for evangelism? I would love to hear your ideas!

Phil <><

2 Responses to Evangelism: Is Your Youth Ministry Marginally Missional?

  1. leneita March 20, 2013 at 2:41 pm #

    The irony is that the entire reason we live in the community we do, is for the reason above. We live in a neighborhood with people who feel like they are “unwelcome” at many churches. Many people will ask us, “Aren’t you worried about your family living where you do?” In contrast it is a way of teaching our family to be missional. The importance of there being a constant conversation on the “roadblocks” with students and helping them work through them is that they would know it isn’t a one time “event” in our lives- but a way of living. Jesus didn’t “program” his way into people’s lives. Instead he met them exactly where they are.

    • philbell March 20, 2013 at 8:28 pm #

      Leneita! Great stuff! This comment could have been a post all by itself! It’s so important to help students see and seize the opportunities.

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