Please Pray for Veteran Youth Worker and Friend, Byron Porisch

Twelve years ago a veteran youth worker took a chance on a young inexperienced British guy and asked him to come and work and study youth ministry in Ann Arbor, MI. My life has forever changed because someone saw potential in me. Today, I would like to ask you to pray for the guy who gave me a start in youth ministry.

Byron Porisch

Recently, he has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme, which is a form of cancer represented by tumors in the brain. While Byron has great peace in all of this, I would ask you to pray for him and his family as they navigate through many new challenges.

Byron is the kind of guy who is Kingdom minded and there are so many youth workers in fulltime ministry today who came through under Byron’s leadership. He’s invested so much into 30+ years of ministry, let’s invest time to pray for him…

Here’s a video I posted on Byron’s Facebook page. You can like the page too, and stay up to date on how he is doing. Most of all, please pray for him and his family. Write a note on the wall and let them know where you are from. (They have a prayer map going… It’s pretty awesome).

Thanks for listening… Thanks for praying…


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