January 24, 2013 PhilBell

Infographic: Students, Social Media, and Communication

This week we have been looking at how social media can benefit your ministry, as well as the importance of creating good boundaries. Below is a helpful infographic showing how students between 13-18 currently use social media. You might be surprised by their favorite mode of communication.

Social Media Infographic

What We Can Learn:

  • Students in your youth ministry prefer in person contact over texting and social media. (There are other modes of communication not listed – that constitute the remaining % totaling 100%)
  • Students are using Tumblr more than Facebook. Perhaps it’s because they can share Tumblr with their friends and not be ‘found’ as easily as is the case with Facebook. Tumblr also allows them to have their own unique page and look. Facebook is too cookie cutter for many students.
  • Snapchat is fast becoming the preferred way for students to text and unfortunately, many use it to sext too. Check out Adam McClane’s article on Snapchat by clicking here
  • Overall, it’s important to realize that students use many different types of social media and will use different types of social media depending on who they are communicating with.

Click here to get a .pdf version that you can share.

How do you see social media being a barrier to your students? How is it an opportunity for your ministry? 

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  1. I think Snapchat is a platform we should be educating about strongly, especially among parents. I cannot think of a wholesome use for it. Any thoughts or experiences on this?

    • philbell

      Ryan, I updated the post with a link to Adam McClane’s article he posted on this. Check out the link below the infographic.

    • philbell

      For me Ryan, Snapchat is big since students can send anything they want, yet the image disappears… But we all know how to screenshot don’t we? It’s risky for kids to think they can ‘hide’ in any realm of technology and social media. It’s important we help them live out John 3:20-21 in their lives…

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