Thank You!

Thank You!Readers, subscribers, followers, (or whatever you would like me to call you),

Thank you to all who voted for me to win ‘The Best Youth Ministry Blog Post of 2012.’ There were so many other brilliant posts and writers!

Thank you also for putting up with the multiple requests I put forward to ask for your vote. Please know that it’s hard for this British guy to self-promote. However, it has been made easier because I am passionate about investing in youth workers through the blog. Really, at the end of the day, that’s what this contest was about for me…

You See, 4 years ago I began a blog called with the purpose to invest in a small group of young youth workers who were finding ministry challenging. 4 years later, myself and 3 youth ministry friends, (Darren, John, and Leneita), write on a regular basis with the premise to invest in youth workers and help them do ministry effectively for the long haul… When my post was nominated and made it through the first couple of rounds, I started to see how our message was able to reach more youth workers, and the message of was expanding. That’s when I started asking you guys to vote for the post and see if we could make it to the final four… I just didn’t expect to win!

While it’s always nice to win a contest, it’s always been my heart to see others ‘win’ too. While it’s nice to get accolades, it feels so much better to know that what I write helps, inspires, and equips others to ‘win’ in ministry. At the end of the day, that is what this contest became for me. I know you probably thought you were voting for the British guy, but I think you would agree, there are youth workers in the trenches who need to ‘win’… Thanks for supporting my vision to equip others in youth ministry…

Phil <><

P.S – I promise I will not email, share, or tweet,  to ask you to vote for me again for a long time…

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