REPOST: Making Volunteer Meetings Worthwhile

A while back I wrote an article on how to have productive and effective volunteer meetings. It was one of the most popular posts we have written. Since it’s nearly the Fall and many of you are going to be pulling your volunteers together, I thought I would repost this for you. Here you go:

A few weeks ago a friend who is starting out in ministry asked me two questions:

First Question: “How often do you meet with your volunteers all together”?

1) Meetings Every Two Months, Not Every Month: My volunteers are busy and I prefer to honor their time and their families by keeping it to every two months. However, it’s important to “supplement” them with other training and communication.

2) Weekly Email Updates: This helps them to keep plugged in with the details of the programs and upcoming events. I also text, call, tweet, and email leaders individually.

3) Training / Update Videos: On the months we do not meet I create quick (6-8) minute videos that include programmatic information and a quick training tip for them. The training tip is usually something I have seen in the previous weeks that I want my volunteers focus on.

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