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Why Students Don’t Care About Your Message…

A couple of weeks ago I received a promo email from (You should check them out, they offer great tips, advice, and training for all things preaching and speaking). Usually I scan these kinds of emails quickly, but this one really caught my attention. Here’s an excerpt I have been given permission to share with you: […]

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Recruiting Volunteers: You Need A Job Description… So Do They!

You Need a Job Description….So Do They. Job descriptions.  Ugh.  That’s how I really feel about them.  They just seem like a waste of good trees and ink.  And they’re tedious.  Have you ever tried to write your own?  I was helping develop my own job description (along with descriptions for a few other staff […]

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FREEBIE FRIDAY: Volunteer Training Lesson from Leadertreks!

This free lesson, The Purpose of Youth Ministry, will help your adults have a correct view of youth ministry. Many adult volunteers think youth ministry is the ministry of the church to students when in reality youth ministry is the ministry of students to their world. Phil <><

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ALERT: Deal of The Day – Volunteer’s Back Pocket Guide to Sex by Craig Gross

Wow! What a GREAT deal! With this kind of deal you could by your volunteers a copy and still be able to afford a cup of Pike Place Roast! This is a super practical resource for your volunteers and they will thank you for it! Click on the banner to get the deal! Phil <><

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The Second Most Important Part of Message Prep

When you are in ‘crazy busy  ministry mode’ and you have to put a good message together, what are the elements you spend most time on? That’s the question we’re looking at today… Last weekend I preached in ‘big church’ on Philippians 2. It’s always a great privilege to preach in church and It’s always […]

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Win a $5000 Back to School Event from Simply Youth Ministry.

If you have not seen the latest Simply Youth Ministry Show podcast, you really should check it out now. On the show, Kurt Johnston announces how your youth ministry could win a $5000 back to school event. Watch the video to find out how. You’ll also get some great tips and training from these brilliant […]

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