Launching today, (on my 10 year wedding anniversary by the way), is a brand new resource that my good friend Matty McCage would love to tell you more about! But since he is on vacation in some tropical paradise, I will let his website blurb speak for itself:

There’s a new addition to the LIVE family, and we’re extremely proud to announce the upcoming release of LIVE College and Young Adult! Balancing the everyday topics like knowledge, trust, fear, and the leader’s desire to continue to lay a biblical foundation for their ministry, LIVE College and Young Adult aims to show 18-20somethings the relevance of God’s Word for their lives.

Whether you use the 72 lessons at the local coffee shop, taco stand, or oil change station, LIVE College and Young Adult is designed to save you time as you work to make a lasting impact in the lives of a generation that is getting lost in the mix.

Click here to check it out


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