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Is Your Lack Of A Day Off Killing You?

It’s Friday and it’s my day off. (I drafted this post on a Wednesday). If you are in  ministry, you have heard the importance of taking a good day off! Why? The extra hours that come up each week that you and your family didn’t plan The late night phone calls, or phone calls during […]

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ALERT: Deal of The Day: Two Sides By Darren Sutton

Full disclosure: I helped Darren write some of this book… But I still think it is an excellent book for any youth worker who is trying to build a solid philosophy for why they do what they do in ministry! Click on the link and save big time!!! Phil <><

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4 Easy Steps To Improve Partnering With Parents In Your Youth Ministry

In her previous post, Leneita shared her story of how she changed her view of parents once she became one and had teens of her own. Partnering with parents is imperative and seeing parents through a new lens is essential. Today I want to share 4 easy steps to improve partnering with parents. But first, […]

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Youth Ministry Realities: When You Can’t Do It All

What can you do, when you can’t do it all? Do you have those times in youth ministry when you realize that you are unable come through with all that you hoped to achieve? Whether it is that big event, that mission trip, or the weekly program that is getting out of control, we all […]

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Freebie Friday: July 4th Freedom Lesson For Students

Even though I am British, I can’t pass up the opportunity to pass on a great free 4th of July resource from my friends at Leadertreks!  Here’s what they say about this sweet lesson: The 4th of July is a national holiday in the United States, one that celebrates the freedom all American citizens live […]

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Simply Youth Ministry Annual 404040 Sale Begins Today!

This week is Simply Youth Ministries annual 404040 Sale – THEIR BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! Here’s the deal: 40 Hours 40 FREE Backgrounds 40% off almost everything! Everything begins Tuesday (6.12) morning and comes to an end Thursday (6.14) at 3pm pdt. Be on the look out for the Simply Olympics videos to cheer […]

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3 Essential Fall Plans You Should Be Making Now For Your Youth Ministry?

This week, here in Michigan, our high schools have their last days and most have already had their graduation ceremonies. The summer is about to begin! However, it is this time of year that I believe it is essential to start making plans for Fall and not wait any longer. The problem for us is […]

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Launching today, (on my 10 year wedding anniversary by the way), is a brand new resource that my good friend Matty McCage would love to tell you more about! But since he is on vacation in some tropical paradise, I will let his website blurb speak for itself: There’s a new addition to the LIVE […]

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Giveaway Winners Announced!

For the last couple of weeks we’ve given you a chance to win sweet youth ministry stuff! Today I am excited to announce the winners! Here they are: Jake Manne from Hartland Wisconsin wins the whole Everyday Youth Ministry series books. Jonathan Pearson from Charles Town W. Virginia, wins the Three 99 Thoughts books. Morgan […]

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