4 Plans Every Youth Worker Should Be Making? Part 4: A Personal Plan

What’s your personal plan? I’m not talking about loving God, loving students and doing ministry for the next year. Have you prayed about the course your ministry is taking? Have you prayed about the next steps for you? You know, will you be in youth ministry all your life or will you one day ‘grow up’ and graduate to ‘real ministry’ one day, (as we often get asked). Are you a volunteer who is destined for full-time ministry or are you being pressured to minister somewhere else because YOU think you are getting too old? Are you wondering if your current church would keep you on long-term as their youth worker? Do you dream of starting a church, but don’t know how? These are just some of the questions I hear from youth workers.

Bottom Line: Do you know where you are going in ministry? Have you stopped to ask?

Praying through and developing a personal ministry plan is crucial for you, your family, your students, your church, and ultimately your usefulness in God’s Kingdom. Here’s what’s crucial about seeking God for your personal ministry plan: 

  • It will help us to depend on God and not ourselves for our next steps.
  • As we pray, it softens our hearts to greater options and ideas that we might not have considered on our own.
  • It forces us to look at our gifting and begin to develop those gifts further as we minister in our present setting.
  • It allows to gain confidence and affirmation from our family and friends when we engage them in the brainstorming process.
  • It helps our family to look ahead and be prepared for possible change.
  • It allows our students to see someone who is seeking God and never being content in status quo
  • It gives our churches the opportunity to support and encourage our future in a healthy way. (This is the way it should be).
  • By looking ahead it allows us to consider what steps we need to take today to ensure we leave a healthy ministry in the future.
Three Very Important Cautions: 
1) Don’t Get Caught Up In Tomorrow – Be Fully Present Today: Even though it is diligent to constantly be seeking God for a personal plan, it’s imperative that we serve fully where we are presently serving. So many youth workers can easily get caught up with dreaming about the next steps, while missing the present steps. You’ll only ‘fall down’ if you keep doing this. Pray earnestly about God’s plans, then leave it to him to speak and guide.
2) Expect That God Can Work Unexpectedly: Even when we seek God in our personal ministry plan, we need to understand that He might move unexpectedly and unusually at some point. The most important thing in this process is that you have been seeking Him diligently on a regular basis. When doors of opportunity open, I’d like to think that your heart will be ready.

3) Expect That God Wants To Keep Using You Where You Are: This is probably the most important point to make. When you started reading this post, chances are that you began to dream about the next steps in another church or another position. Am I right?

I believe God has a heart for longevity for youth workers in their churches

When praying through and developing a personal ministry plan for you and your family, keep in mind what it looks like to stay at your present church for the long-haul. Your next steps could then include personal development, new programs, new networks, a degree, publishing a book, who knows?

Bottom line: Your next steps might be WITHIN your present ministry position and not AWAY from it…

So, what it is your personal ministry plan? Do you have one? Have you prayed about one? Have you sought others to help you formulate one? Are you truly effective where you are, or are fumbling around in the dark and simply going through the motions? Praying through and developing a personal ministry plan is crucial for you, your family, your students, your church, and ultimately your usefulness in God’s Kingdom.

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