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What Works Best in YOUR Ministry?

I love reading blogs… I love reading youth ministry books… I love listening to incredible youth ministry speakers… I love networking with other youth workers… Bottom line, I love these things because I love to learn how to do ministry more effectively, and discovering new ways of doing ministry! But here is the problem we […]

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Youth Ministry Freebie: Easter Lesson

Our friends over at ym360 are giving away an awesome free Easter Bible study lesson. This is a great lesson! It helps students look back through Scripture, tracing a thread of God’s love from Creation to Jesus’ death and resurrection. It will allow your students to really grasp the importance of the Easter narrative by […]

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The 7 Best Practices For Teaching Teenagers The Bible: BOOK REVIEW

If you haven’t picked up a copy of The 7 Best Practices for Teaching Teenagers the Bible, you really should! By Andy Blanks of YM360, this book is probably the most effective book I have read when it comes to breaking down steps in teaching the bible. The chapters are broken into the 7 practices and […]

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Youth Ministry Leadership: What’s Your Leadership Style?

FREE LeaderTreks Youth Worker Leadership Style Assessment What’s your leadership style? Do you value tasks more than relationships, or do you care more about people than getting the job done? The answer could say a lot about how you lead and how others perceive your leadership. We all naturally value one over the other; it’s not […]

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When Sports Compete With Youth Ministry: Revisited

Last night at our midweek environment we had two factors working against us. First, we have had our first two days of warm weather as we heated up to the 70’s here in Michigan, (the average high is 43). The second was the beginning of Spring sports and countless try-outs that took students away from […]

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Youth Ministry Leadership: Friend or Leader?

Students don’t need youth workers to be their friends, they need adults who will lead them to God and invest in their lives. Unfortunately, many of us have bought the lie that we need to be ‘friends’ with our students in order to have influence in their lives. Some of us have even allowed our […]

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SYMC 2013 Promo Video

  Last weekend I attended The Simply Youth Ministry Conference. I came across their promo video for 2013 and thought I’d share it with you? Are you coming? (Click here to register) Phil <><

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Athletes In Action Speakers = Great Outcomes!

Last night, as part of our mid-week program we had two athletes from The University of Michigan Athletes in Action come to share their faith with our high school students. Craig Roh (defensive end football player), and Brandi Virgil (softball player), did a brilliant job sharing their faith in a relational and engaging way. It […]

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