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NEW BOOK: Answers to Teenagers’ 50 Toughest Questions

This week I am excited to announce three new books by 3 of us here at As a part of Simply Youth Ministry’s brand new Every Day Youth Ministry series, Leneita Fix, Darren Sutton, and myself are excited to see three highly practical youth ministry books get in the hands of youth workers. In the next […]

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5 Reasons I am Looking Forward To The Simply Youth Ministry Conference

This weekend I join 3000 youth workers along with Darren Sutton, John Fix and Leneita Fix, (contributors here at youthworktalk). I am excited about this conference for many reasons, but here are a my top five: 1) It’s For Youth Workers, By Youth Workers: This conference is designed and implemented by in the trenches youth […]

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Gaining Healthy Respect & Influence In Youth Ministry: Parents

Gaining healthy respect and influence in youth ministry can sometimes be challenging. Many youth workers are young and often feel like people see them as “the young kid.”  Even veteran youth workers feel like the title of “youth worker” devalues their influence. It’s true,  we do face stigmas and inaccurate perceptions. However, it doesn’t mean […]

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Going to SYMC 2012? Don’t Miss These Video Links!

If you are going to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in March, you have got to check out these videos made by my good friend Matty McCage. Matty has scoped out all the good and essential places to go, see, and experience while you are in Louisville, KY. Take a look: Matty Files #1: Downtown […]

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5 Things I Pray At Every Youth Program

There are five things I try to make sure I pray almost every time at our youth programs. Not only I am genuinely wanting to pray these things every week, it helps to give our students a prayer focus, I find it also helps to continue to cast the vision of why we meet each […]

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Transitions In Youth Ministry: Part 2 – The Comparison Game

In my previous post, I talked about the importance of building healthy foundations when transitioning into a new ministry. Today I would like to talk about a potential danger that new and transitioning youth workers can easily struggle with: PLAYING THE COMPARISON GAME: So often students, parents, and leaders are hurting from the loss of the […]

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Transitions In Youth Ministry Part 1: Healthy Foundations

Transitioning into a new youth ministry, or your first ministry can be very challenging! A good start (or a poor start), makes all the difference. But what are some of the keys to making a good transition into a new youth ministry? There are many, but here are the ones I have found to be […]

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FREE Valentines Lesson

Our friends at youthministry360 are giving away a FREE Valentines lesson. It’s a solid lesson that uses the story of Ruth and Boaz to talk about the God-centered love we see in the Bible versus the broken image of love the world bombards students with. The lesson also makes the connection that the aspects of […]

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