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Do I Need College Education In Youth Ministry?

Just last week, a couple of youth workers and myself were asked this question on twitter: Anyone have info on the importance of a college education for a career in YM? I gave a quick answer at the time, but here is a slightly longer answer… 1) Yes and No: If you are in full […]

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I Messed Up! What Now?

I messed up! Now what? There have been many times in my ministry I have thought this to myself… Whether it was poor communication, whether a students feelings were hurt, whether a parent was upset, or whether it was ______ (you fill in the blank), we have all messed up haven’t we? Mistakes are inevitable […]

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3 Things I am Changing Next Fall

One of the crucial lessons I have learned over the years is the need for regular evaluation of how my ministry is going. There are certain times of the year when it is impossible to get a chance to “come up for air”, but there are some natural breaks in seasons that allow me to […]

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Teaching Students God’s Truth: Can we teach it all?

A long time ago I read The 7 Checkpoints by Andy Stanley and Stuart Hall. In this book Stanley and Hall outline the need to teach students the absolute essentials for their faith development. At the time I remembered agreeing with the premise that we only have so many hours per year of teaching time […]

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A Helpful Reality for Youth Workers to Understand

Have you watched those newscasts where someone who has been saved gets to be reunited with the person or persons who saved them? The TV crews somehow manage to capture that moment, hours, days, or weeks after the saving event took place. The saved person gets to tearfully express their sincere thanks to the one […]

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Are Kids Fighting to Come To Youth Group?

I’ll never forget my friend Rick telling me about the night students were “fighting” to come to his midweek program! One evening, just before youth group started, he looked outside to see more students than he had ever seen at his church. He quickly thanked God for the gigantic turn-out and then went outside to […]

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