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British Animals Are The BEST!

Saw this video posted over at Since I am British, I love seeing stuff like this. I know it has nothing to do with youth ministry, but I just loved watching it! I hope you do too!

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Resource Highlight: Evangephobia

This is brand new from Simply Youth Ministry. They have partnered with Greg Stier of dare2share to create a 4 week DVD curriculum helping students get over their fear of sharing their faith. Here’s what they say about it: Along the way, Greg will introduce you to friends whose lives have been radically changed by God’s good […]

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5 Reasons I Love See You At The Pole!

This morning was See You at the Pole at schools all around the America. For those of you outside of the U.S, here’s what it is: A yearly event where hundreds of thousands of students around the nation meet at their  school flagpoles to pray. Here’s what I love about it: 1) When Students Pray […]

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How are YOU Reaching Others?

We tell students to reach out to their friends… We tell students about the Great Commission and we tell them to bring their friends to our youth events… We tell them to invest in friendships at church to stay strong, but also to invest in friends outside the church to share the Gospel… We tell […]

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Teachable Moments

It’s easy to think that student ministry is all about events, programs, teaching, and hanging out with students. Well, yes, that is a large part of it. However, I am rediscovering that students learn and grow far more in the moments in the teachable moments, or where life can throw a curve ball at them. […]

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Essential Priorities For Parent Leaders

Great parent leaders can make the difference! Without them, students would not be supported and encouraged in their faith in quite the same way. Parents have a brilliant perspective and understand more clearly what is at stake for our students. On the other hand, poor parent leaders can be a nightmare! But I’ve found that […]

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GUEST POST: Parent Meetings for Unchurched Parents?

In her previous post, Leneita Fix talked about the importance of having the right focus and attitude toward unchurched parents. Ultimately, we should see them as Jesus see them, but we don’t always do that do we? Today, Leneita shares practical steps to get unchurched parents to show up to parent meetings, as well as crucial […]

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GUEST POST: Partnering With Unchurched Parents – Leneita Fix

I still remember the day the Lord put it on my heart.   Totally my attitude had become to believe that the parents who were “churched” could be held to a higher expectation than the “unchurched.”  I mean most of these “heathen” adults were broken individuals who didn’t even have a relationship with Christ.  How could […]

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GROUP Magazine Live: Youth Leaders At Risk

I am excited to tell you about an excellent live podcast coming up on Sept 12th, 12:30pm MST. I am excited to three reasons: 1) The topic is close to my heart. 2) There’s some great surprize guests! 3) I’m going to be at GROUP Publishing HQ that day! Here’s what you can expect: Group […]

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Making Parent Meetings Worthwhile: Part 2

In my previous post I talked about the importance of creating effective meetings for parents in our ministries. The world of a parent is often stressed, over-scheduled, and overloaded with information from countless places. Our ministries are just one of many things parents are considering during their busy week. Therefore, it’s crucial that at certain […]

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