BOOK REVIEW: Sun Stand Still: Steven Furtick

It’s been a LONG time since I did a book review. And, this book is one that has been out for a long time too. However, recently, while away on vacation with my family, I was finally able to catch up with a few books I have been waiting to read. Sun Stand Still is an excellent book that many of my friends in ministry had recommended to me. Here are some thoughts about it:

It’s a great read that will challenge us to consider not only our dependence on God, but also to trust Him to do the audacious in our lives and ministries. It is a book that could and should “illuminate the Divine destiny that may have been lying dormant inside your for years.” It so easy to get complacent and be content with the “normal” and not truly expect the amazing to happen in our own lives or the lives of students. “Time can talk you out of your dreams. Routine can weaken your propensity toward audacity.” Sun Stand Still challenges us to assault the mediocrity in our faith and to break into the brilliant vision that God has for us.

Not only is Sun Stand Still inspirational and challenging, it is highly practical, hugely transparent, and full of real life examples of people who have boldly prayed for God to do audacious things in and through their lives. It would be difficult to walk away from this book and not want to fall to your knees praying for God to wreck your life and put it back together in some outrageous and incredible ways. Furtick has an brilliant way of getting us to consider what God could do with us if we only believed… He gets us to stand on the edge of the mountain and view the enormity of God and His gigantic plans for His people… Through his honest and conversational approach, Furtick challenges us to consider that God’s audacious plans are not only for select people or pastors of mega-churches, they are for everyone! They are for you and for me… Read this book and let it “incite a riot in your mind” and lead you to pray boldly for God to do more than you could ask or imagine…

Although this is not a “ministry book” as such, this is book that people in ministry SHOULD be reading. I have seen too many good friends fall into the pit of routine and complacency as they struggled through their ministries.  I expect this book to be one that can inspire, challenge, and help youth workers to take their lives and ministries to the next level.

Bottom Line: Great read and great content!

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