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12 Tips I Give My Volunteer Youth Workers – Part 2

In my previous post, I posted 6 of the 12 tips I give my leaders to help them be effective in their ministry. Here are the next 6… As I said yesterday, some of these have been “borrowed” from friends, and some are my own specific tips. All in all, I hope they are tips […]

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12 Tips I Give My Volunteer Youth Workers – Part 1

If you are looking to train your leaders and help them be successful in what they do, it’s important to come up with a training manual that is quick and easy to read. It also should be highly practical. Below is a page from my volunteer leaders manual. They are 12 tips I give my […]

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GUEST POST: Review Producteev – Matt Murphy

Youth Workers (stereotypically) have one great weakness, that is our ability to administrate and multi-task several projects at once.  While some of us might have it down, most of us are looking for that leg up to help us be better administrators.  My friend Andy (@outsideallday) from Group suggested this app to me after I […]

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My New Favorite Youth Ministry App

OK, well it’s not specifically a youth ministry app, but it certainly is a brilliant app to communicate care for students and leaders… This is an app that a bunch of my YM friends have been using to great effect… Postagram is a fabulous yet simple app that can use photos from your phone, (iPhone […]

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Youth Ministry Myths: Part 3 – ALL Youth Workers Are Disorganized…

My previous posts have taken a look at youth ministry myths that I see many youth workers frequently facing. Here’s the myth we are looking at today: If you are a youth worker, you and your ministry will be disorganized…  I never forget a one of my former students commending me for my organization of […]

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Youth Ministry Myths: Part 2 – You Need A Big Budget

In my previous post, I talked about the myth that centers around how great facilities do not equal great ministry. Today, I want to look at the myth of budgets. The myth is simple: The bigger the budget I have, the better the ministry will be. Right? This is simply not true.  I live and […]

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Youth Ministry Myths – Part 1: You Need An Incredible Facility

Today I begin a series of posts about youth ministry myths, their connotations, and the solutions to the myths. So, here we go… Youth Ministry Myth Number One:  You need an incredible facility to minister effectively…  In the time I have been in youth ministry, I find this myth to be one of the most […]

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BOOK REVIEW: Sun Stand Still: Steven Furtick

It’s been a LONG time since I did a book review. And, this book is one that has been out for a long time too. However, recently, while away on vacation with my family, I was finally able to catch up with a few books I have been waiting to read. Sun Stand Still is […]

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GUEST POST: Self-Feeding Youth Ministries – By Darren Sutton

Youth ministry can be a lot like parenting.  No, youth workers are not replacement parents.  But there are some striking similarities in the ways we ‘rear’ the kids. I remember how easy it was to feed my kids when they first came home from the hospital?  They cried and I just popped a bottle in […]

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LIVE Leadership Curriculum Winner Announced!

Thanks to everyone who entered to win the LIVE Leadership Curriculum. If you missed out, you can still contact Matty McCage from the info below, or click on the banner and fill out your contact info.  For now, here is the lucky winner: Alex Hensley from River Valley Church, in Bossier City, LA. (Alex, you will […]

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