It’s The Things We Do That Matter…


This is a tweet that made me think this week… It’s a great question to be asking since it requires us to have an honest reality check. It is these type of honest reality checks that we need to lead with integrity.

Students will often follow our lifestyle and authenticity more than our words…

Here are few more gut checks we can all consider:

  • I teach students to read God’s Word and pray regularly, but how regular are my times with God?
  • I teach students that God wants a relationship, not a list of prayer requests, but how much time am I spending really listening to Him?
  • I teach students to live for an audience of One, but am I addicted to the approval of many?
  • I teach students to get to know other people outside their circle of friends at youth group, but how diverse are my own conversations at church?
  • I teach students to create margin in their schedule to avoid stress, but how much stress do I have due to over-scheduling?
  • I teach students to honor their family and have healthy family times, but how does my own family feel about my investment in them?
  • I teach students to find healthy accountability, but am I surrounded by people who can easily ask me the tough questions?
  • I teach students to be secure in God’s unique design for themselves, but am I secure in who I am?

What are some of the other reality checks we need to have to keep us focused on being leaders of integrity?

Phil <><

2 Responses to It’s The Things We Do That Matter…

  1. Chris Wesley July 20, 2011 at 9:38 am #


    Great post, another one that came to mind is:

    I teach students to tithe but how much am I willing to give?

    Those are a good set of questions for us to reflect on, almost an examine of conscience.

    • youthworktalk July 20, 2011 at 9:59 am #

      Fantastic! Keep them coming Chris! I love these hard questions! It keeps me focused and keeps me accountable!

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