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Spoon-Feeding or Self-Feeding Youth Ministries? Part 2

In my previous post I talked about the importance of considering he long-term implications of our ministries and whether we help students to truly own their faith through self-feeding. Today, here are a few self-feeding ideas and practices I employ to help ensure that students are learning to develop spiritual habits that will last and […]

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Spoon-Feeding or Self-Feeding Youth Ministries? Part 1

Think about this for just a few minutes: How do our youth ministries help students to actually grow in their faith? More pertinent than that, what methods are we using to create faith ownership that lasts beyond high school and college? Here’s the challenge I keep battling with: Am I, (are we), spoon-feeding our students […]

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10 Ways To Have A Vacation That Recharges You!

Being in youth ministry can be challenging. But it can be incredibly rewarding and a great blessing! With that said, it’s imperative that we keep ministry as a blessing and not allow it to become a curse.  Any ministry, no matter how exciting it is can get old without good breaks and getaways… A GREAT vacation that […]

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It’s The Things We Do That Matter…

  This is a tweet that made me think this week… It’s a great question to be asking since it requires us to have an honest reality check. It is these type of honest reality checks that we need to lead with integrity. Students will often follow our lifestyle and authenticity more than our words… […]

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Sexual Sin, Porn, and the Church

Sexual sin and pornography is probably one of the most challenging issues we face as youth workers today. Here are some thoughts. THE IMPACT OF SEXUAL SIN AND PORN:  It is a sin that students have learned to hide more than any other sin… It is a sin that pastors and youth workers have learned […]

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LIVE Curriculum Giveaway: Part 3 – Leadership

    Here’s a video snapshot of the Brand New LIVE Leadership curriculum that could be yours if you comment on this post and tweet about it… Doug Franklin explains how LIVE leadership can impact our students and leaders… One lucky individual will be selected on AUGUST 1st! It’s value is $249, (And that is […]

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The Lesson I Learned When My Laptop Crashed During Sermon Prep

Today my Macbook Pro crashed! It was a BIG crash! The good people at the Apple store told me my hard drive is not recoverable. Ever have that happen? Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever had a computer crash in this way… But here’s the bigger problem: I AM PREACHING […]

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LIVE Curriculum Giveaway: Part 2 – Why LIVE?

So, my previous post began the LIVE Leadership Curriculum giveaway, and today we continue to give you and your friends more opportunities, to comment, tweet and WIN! However, some of you have asked some great questions about LIVE and what the curriculum can do for you. Recently, I caught up with Matty McCage from Simply […]

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LIVE Curriculum Giveaway: Part 1

  I am huge fan of the LIVE curriculum! We have been using this curriculum in our Junior High and High School ministries for a year now… and we LOVE it! I am so confident in LIVE that I have turned my blog into the LIVE poster child!!! More so, I am giving away the NEW […]

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