The Most Effective Way To Be Productive This Summer.

Do you want to be more productive in your ministry this summer? For that matter, do you want to be more productive year round and see greater accomplishments in your ministry? If the answer is yes, then I have a simple answer for you:

Here it is… are you ready for it? Take time off this summer. I’m not talking about a couple of days here and there. I’m not including the church camp or mission trip. I’m talking about a good week off from ministry. But, how does this make you and I more productive?

Recently, I read an article about world productivity and where the U.S ranks in the field. Apparently, the U.S is # 4 in the world for productivity. (“Not bad”, I thought). Then the article went on to talk about the cost of the productivity.  The average American actually uses only 2-3 weeks of vacation and apparently, the average worker does not take his/her full vacation.

But, look at the results we get in this country“, you could be inclined to say… Correct! Until you hear about the country of Sweden… You see, the Swedes get a minimum of 5 weeks vacation granted to them. Most  Swedes take all 5 weeks and more. And guess what, these guys rank # 2 in the world for productivity. It’s pretty astonishing that a country to takes 2-3 weeks more time off than Americans can actually get more done. Why is that?

Well, I am not genius or an analyst, but here is my simple answer. I believe God designed our bodies, minds, and souls, to work from rest. Not, work, burn out… then rest. So often we keep going and going because we have a long list of things to get done. Even if we are exhausted, we often continue to plug on, regardless of how tired we might me. It’s times like these our productivity drops and mistakes are made. However, if we learn to take good rest and allow ourselves to be refreshed, we will find  surprising results: Our productivity increases, our minds are sharper, and I also believe that we are able to discern God more clearly.

Jesus often had a long list of people to heal, sermons to teach, and places to go. However, we also see that he made it a priority to rest, re-tune, and refocus on His Father. So often we think that we have to keep going until it is all done. However, we need to understand that their will always be more to get done. It’s imperative that we take time out to rest… I mean really rest.

How are you going to rest this summer? What could your productivity look like?

Phil <><

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