Keeping Parents Plugged-in on Mission Trips: Part Two

In my previous posts I talked about the importance of Keeping Parents Plugged-in On Mission Trips and the importance of Keeping Leaders Plugged-in on Mission Trips.

This video is an update from Western Hills Church of Christ youth ministry as they finish up their week in Memphis providing flood relief. My friend Brandon Baker, over at Practical Youth Ministry sent the link to me with this comment:

“We are in Memphis, TN this week doing flood relief. I have been posting updates, pictures and am putting together a quick midweek video”

This is a great way to continue the communication with family and supporters as Brandon and his youth ministry finish out their week. Not only does it encourage the parents, it gives them a number of conversation starters when their kids return. Parents are able to better understand what their kids have been involved in, and are also able to praise and encourage them specifically.

Finally, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words... In this case, a video is priceless!

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