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Youth Questions on Youtube

[vsw id=”pVviTtuSl98″ source=”youtube” width=”570″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]   Tim Schmoyer is launching a youtube channel specifically for students who have questions about faith and life. He, along with a panel of youth leaders will be answering students questions on a weekly basis. Spread the word with your teens:

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Transitioning in Youth Ministry: In Transit – Tim Ciccone

[vsw id=”13863698″ source=”vimeo” width=”570″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]   A few weeks back, I posted a book review about In Transit – A Youth Workers Guide to Navigating a New Beginning, by Tim Ciccone. This week I came across a video interview of Tim explaining the book a little more. If you are considering making a transition, […]

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Family Focused Student Ministry – Part 5: Students

Many of the students in our ministries come from broken homes or difficult situations, (not all, but many). Statistically many of them are living with only one parent and have seen divorce. It’s important that I see the big picture of my ministry as a model to these students who need to see how a […]

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Family Focused Student Ministry – Part 4: Parents

Many parents are busy, stretched, and stressed. Everything I do must be intentional about their helping families – not hurting them. The way I schedule, the way I communicate, and the way individually support parents should be a passage to helping them (and ultimately helping their kids). If I can partner with parents effectively, it […]

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Family Focused Student Ministry – Part 3: Volunteers

In my previous post I talked about how a successful ministry goes hand in hand with a leaders who care well for their own family. Today I want to talk about the importance of caring well for volunteer leaders and supporting a healthy family focus for them too. Many of them work full-time, or have […]

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Family Focused Student Ministry – Part 2: You

Yesterday I began a five-part series reflecting on why it’s important to be family focused in our student ministries. I also gave a quick snapshot of how I keep this focus. Today I want to continue this focus by looking closer at one aspect I mentioned in my previous post: IT STARTS WITH ME (OR YOU): […]

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Family Focused Student Ministry – Part 1

Today I am beginning a five-part series on family focused student ministries. In the last few years I have intentionally changed my focus of ministry to focus on the family as a whole. Here’s why: Every student that we see in our ministry is part of a family system and is impacted by the health […]

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Why Does God Allow Earthquakes?

This weekend many of our students might be thinking (or asking) the question, “Why does God allow natural disasters like the one that hit Japan and much of the Pacific? A few weeks ago I did some searching for some good articles that go some way to answer that question. Here are a few sites […]

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Great Conference! Looking forward to 2012

SYMC (The Simply Youth Ministry Conference), was brilliant for all the reasons mentioned in my previous post. I took a team of adult volunteers who had an incredible time and grew in some great ways! I am excited for next year! Here is a quick video promo for the conference for next year. Check it […]

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5 Reason I am Excited for SYMC 2011

On Friday I head to The Simply Youth Ministry Conference with a group of my friends, (and some of the most incredible volunteer youth workers I could ask for). I am super excited for this conference and it has come at a crucial time for me. Recently I took an emergency trip back to the […]

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