BOOK REVIEW: “In Transit” by Tim Ciccone

“In Transit” is an excellent book by Tim Ciccone, who is a youth worker with 17 years of “in the trenches” experience. His book should be read by anyone who is looking to transition to a new ministry, has recently transitioned, or is wondering if it is time to change ministry. In addition, it’s a great book that can help youth workers to solidify their calling and vision to continue well in their present calling…

I read this book a year after transitioning, but I  still found it incredibly valuable to reflect on lessons learned as well as consider how to stay strong for the long haul.

“In Transit” is split into four easy to read sections that are highly practical and full of personal stories of transition: 1) The New Call 2) Saying Goodbye – Saying Hello 3) What’s Next? 4) Hope for the Future.

Perhaps the best aspect of this book is the way in which we are challenged to ask pertinent questions of ourselves before we look to transition into another ministry. Tim takes us through step by step questions and reflections to allow us to see the bigger picture of our situation. So often, we could consider a move for the wrong reasons and we misinterpret tension in ministry as a reason to leave. Tim also gives brilliant insights to building solid foundations when starting out in a new ministry role. Perhaps the quote that stands out to me the most is:

In your first 120 days, don’t change a thing… this is a time for you to spend 98 percent of your ministry energy focusing on new relationships, not new programming…

Whether you are starting your first ministry position, or are veteran youth worker, this book is a must read!

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