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How to be Taken Seriously as a Leader

Being a youth worker is not always the glamorous ministry position. There are times when some of us have experienced the feeling of not being taken seriously by pastors, parents, and church members. When I first set out in student ministry I desired to be taken seriously and accepted as a viable member of a […]

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A Leadership Achilles Heel for Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs is the man everyone is talking about in recent days, months and years. He is the icon and leader behind Apple, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. He is the leader who represents the future and the leader who inspires the present… But is there an achilles heel to his leadership? Now, […]

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Midweek Series “Slice of Life”

SLICE OF LIFE: This Week we kick off a new video series called, “Slice of Life” where we interview students from our ministry. This series has been created for a number of good reasons: CREATED BY STUDENTS: Students themselves came up with the idea to have a series focused on their “slice of life” and […]

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