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This video has been making the rounds on facebook. Here’s what it made me consider… There’s often been a lot of debate between youth ministry guru’s wondering if we spend too much time entertaining students and not enough energy goes into teaching Biblical truth. In this video, the experiment was to see how much more […]

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Today on Twitter Rick Warren gave a quote that I think every youth worker should take to heart and consider… Never waste energy trying to be well-known. Today’s hero is tomorrow’s zero. U work on character & leave reputation to Him… Many people hold fast to the sad reality that many youth workers will leave […]

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Last week I talked about “Listening” as being a key to healthy and successful ministry. This week I want to looked at an area of youth ministry which should be a given, but I often feel is greatly overlooked: Ownership… Ever hear leaders say, “Sometimes it is easier to do it yourself”? In student ministry, […]

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Last night I met with a group of my high school students at the local Panera Bread to hang-out, talk, and…. listen. If you are like me, it’s so easy to get bogged down with planning, message writing, and meetings. It’s easy to become task driven and focus less on just ‘being’ with students. Last […]

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