February 21, 2009 PhilBell

The ‘I’ Date


img_1596Every two weeks Lisa and I go out on a date night together and try to do something fun and different each time. Right now we are going out on ‘ABC’ dates (Check out: http://tinyurl.com/bhpjpr).  Last night we took a few friends with us to watch my friend Josh play for the Detroit Ignition for our ‘I’ date. 

Unfortunately the Ignition lost last night . The score was 15-7 as they went down to the Chicago Storm.  Fun dates and creative ideas keep our marriage healthy and always give us lots to talk about. We are building some great memories too!

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PhilBell Phil Bell is a Family Ministry pastor with over 15 years of experience ministering to families. He holds a Masters in Christian Ministry and is a national speaker, columnist, author, and blogger. He’s passionate about investing in families and equipping parents to reach the next generation for Christ. He’s originally from England and now lives in Raleigh, NC, with his wife Lisa and their three beautiful kids.