Healthy ‘Defaults’ for Ministry Balance

img_1593A couple of weeks ago my friend Jeremy was sharing  how he wished he could have a default button in his life, just like there is on a computer when you have to restore it after an error.

Have you ever had to do that after your computer crashed, or unrequested programs got added into your computer and created errors?  I have, unfortunately! It’s at these times we have click, “restore to default” or something like that. The goal is to restore the computer back to the way it was before the crash or the problem. 

If you are like myself or my friend, I wish I had a default button in my life that would allow me to back to the ways things were before the ‘error’. An error could be many things for each of us, but for today I want to take a look at how we need healthy defaults when our lives get over extended and out of balance. Specifically, how our ministry schedules can often lead to a ‘crash’ and how we need constant  ‘defaults’ along the way to bring and keep balance. 

Here’s just a few ways that I try to keep healthy defaults in my life: 

1) Date night every two weeks. We are currently doing ‘ABC’ dates. (click here for a post on this)
2) Monday night family plan. Monday is my day off. Every Monday, we have dinner and plan out two, maybe three fun activities to do as a family for that week, (we ask our little girl what would be fun to do – ideas have ranged from getting ice-cream to playing ‘memory’ or doing puzzles… If it’s fun for her, it’s fun for us. We also plan meals for the week to make our shopping trip easier…
3) Eat Lunch at home as often as possible. Being in a church plant situation, I often find myself at coffee shops working. Therefore, wherever possible, I try to stay close to home and get home for lunch as often as I can. 
4) Work longer days on tues, weds, thurs, and be home on Friday by 2pm. The afternoon is for family, naps, shopping or whatever we need to do. 

Simple ideas, but powerful in our busy schedules. How are you doing with your healthy defaults? How can you restore your balance this week? What healthy defaults can you put in place that become consistent and help you avoid crashes?

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