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What Tim loves about NYMC 2009

Here’s a flavor of what NYMC is about. I met Tim from Canton, North Carolina today in my track. This is what he just loves about the conference:

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Arrived at NYMC 2009

Arrived this afternoon at NYMC in Columbus! It’s great to be here and I feel the excitement around me from other youth workers. The guys from Group do a great job in welcoming you like you are a long-time friend! Thanks Group people! The conference center here is great, not too big and not too […]

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Life in Stories

A couple of days ago I blogged about the challenge to get students on board with a message idea. For many of us over 22 and out of college will find that students see us as being old and ‘out of touch’. However, when we ‘sit at the steps of their world’, we will find […]

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Sitting on the Steps…

Do you ever feel like you are constantly digging to find new ways to connect with students or find ways to get them on board with a message idea? Do you ever wonder if they are connecting with a youth leader who might seem ancient to them? (That’s you and me by the way). I […]

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The ‘I’ Date

  Every two weeks Lisa and I go out on a date night together and try to do something fun and different each time. Right now we are going out on ‘ABC’ dates (Check out:  Last night we took a few friends with us to watch my friend Josh play for the Detroit Ignition for our ‘I’ […]

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Healthy ‘Defaults’ for Ministry Balance

A couple of weeks ago my friend Jeremy was sharing  how he wished he could have a default button in his life, just like there is on a computer when you have to restore it after an error. Have you ever had to do that after your computer crashed, or unrequested programs got added into […]

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NYMC 2009

Here’s the promo for the National Youth Ministry Conference I am heading to next week. I love this conference! Last year was my first time. It is highly connectional, deeply inspirational, and highly humorous!

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Message Writing Format for Leaders

It’s imperative that we step aside and let leaders speak, but it’s imperative that we also give our leaders the tools to do so. I have found that coming up with a basic message writing format really helps me, as well as my leaders. Here’s a format that I have developed from guys like Andy […]

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Step aside and let leaders Speak

If you knew that you could make changes in your ministry to present God’s truth to students more effectively, would you make them?  Seems like a no brainer right? One of the best ways to present God’s truth more effectively is to step aside and let other leaders speak… Why is that so difficult for […]

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Michigan Hockey

Tonight was our ‘H’ date (see  We live pretty close to Ann Arbor, so we went to a Hockey game for the evening! It was a lot of fun and Michigan won!               GO BLUE!!!

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