Tomorrow begins Today!

ist2_1141718_desk_calendar_january_1st_with_clipping_pathA good friend once told me that discipleship for tomorrow begins today. In other words, nothing happens unless it is intentional and planned. We can say we want to start the new year by growing deeper in our faith. If you are like me, my ‘plans’ are often just empty hopes of what I want to see happen, instead of being something that is concrete.

Here’s how I am trying to help my hopes become a plan and action for this new year. Here’s a snapshot of what I am planning and some is what I already do on a weekly basis:

Morning Quiet Times: For me a morning quiet works best when I am the first up in the house… that is hard sometimes when you have a toddler who likes to wake early. However, when I do get up before the craziness begins, this is what my quiet time looks like: A cup of coffee in my lazy boy and I sit and talk with God for a few minutes thanking Him for all I can think of at that time. (It’s amazing how this gets my focus on track). Then, for the next 15 minutes or so, (that’s it) I relax and try to be quiet with God and my coffee, just listening and trying not to think about my day too much. It’s amazing how pausing like this helps me to hear God better… So simple, but so powerful!

Study: In the last half of last year I discovered ‘The Wiersbe Bible Study Series’ – This is something I read through and study for the first 30 minutes of my ministry day before I get bogged down in ministry. I usually skip a couple of times457161 a week, (on Sundays and on a few days where I try to read a ministry related book before my day starts). These studies by Wiersbe are great and practical. I am currently working through a study on Philippians that I didn’t finish yet…

Big Chunk Reading (sounds really spiritual doesn’t it)? : A couple of times a week I try to read a large chunk of the Bible to get an overview and sometimes for inspiration. This week my plan is to start reading through the book of Luke as I follow the Christmas story and the life of Jesus…

Start Simple: The most important thing I have discovered is this: It all takes time and simple steps forward. I have found that starting with one simple thing is the best way for me. I am not one of those ‘spiritual giants’ who can have a huge plan and put it into action straight away. For me it starts with getting those morning quiet times in place first…

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  1. BJ Gavrun January 1, 2009 at 7:58 pm #

    Phil, The Wiersbe study sounds good. I’ve been looking for something that will take me deeper into the Word. I don’t know if its because I’m a worship guy or not but I love the Psalms. I can’t say everyday is a Psalm day, but I usually read at least one a day. I find even if I can get just a verse in it is great to meditate on during my day. Most of the time I find the best place for me to be quiet is in my office. Coffee a must.

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