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Bachelors in the United Kingdom

If you want proof that youthworkers are just as crazy and creative in the UK as they are here in the States, check out this video my buddy Alan Witchalls made a few years ago for my wedding! There’s a few inside jokes, but you will get the basic premise of what is going on. […]

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Building a Youth Ministry Fan Base – Part II

A few days ago I talked about the importance of building a youth ministry ‘fan base’. The premise is this: All of us in youth ministry will get through the honeymoon of ministry when those around us realize that we are not one of the Apostles (or even better, Jesus). Give us a year and […]

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Funny British Road Signs

Today someone sent me some funny British Road signs. I remember my wife seeing one like this (with out the additional cemetery sign).                   Hope this made you laugh! Phil <><

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How to Build a Youth Ministry Fan Base

Once any of us have been in a church for more than a year it becomes very apparent that the honeymoon is well and truly over. People are starting to discover that we have faults and failings. We’ve already stained the new carpet with paintball. Or we might have shown a video clip in church […]

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British Connection at the Inauguration Ceremony?

My lovely wife thought that because I am British, I would not be interested in the Inauguration ceremony. However, I was very intrigued when I heard Aretha Franklin singing ‘My Country Tis of Thee’ to the tune of the British National Anthem. Anyone know the roots of how that came to be?

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Why every youthworker needs to network…

One of the goals I have this new year is to be networkworking with other youthworkers in my area. A lot of the time we don’t make time, (or feel like we have time). Sometimes, if we are honest, we don’t want to network with the bigger churches or the ‘competing churches’. Sometimes if we […]

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This evening as I write this, it is -4 here in Southeast Michigan. (-20c to all my UK and metric readers). For the next few days it’s going to this cold and perhaps even colder. Coming from the UK, I must admit, I am still not used to this kind of weather… The thing I […]

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Bend it like Beckham meets Michael Jackson

I’m always checking in with my home country of England to see what is going on back there in the news and media. Whenever I go back to visit my mom (or mum, as I call her), she is always watching the latest ‘Britains got talent’. Now, I know that might sound impossible, but there […]

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Book Review: Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors

Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors, Mark Riddle. A great book that every senior pastor needs to get from their youth pastor! But, also a book that every youth pastor needs to read to better understand the dynamics of their churches and their senior pastors. I would also say that this book is an essential […]

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What really matters

Today  I read a great article from the PDYM Community blog titled ‘What really matters’. Take a look at it and be inspired: ‘What Really Matters’

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